Cougar FORTE The Most Compatable Microphone Arm

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COUGAR FORTE is the most considerate microphone arm for any application. There is no need for a low profile/height arm as long as the extended parts are ideally included. The extended height of FORTE allows you to freely position a microphone where you want it to be without blocking your view. Flexibly create your setup with comfort and productivity. FORTE comes with a cable management space on the top and two wire covers to hide microphone cables inside. Keep cables clean and organize the space well and clearly. Also, it is designed with an omnidirectional structure, making you adjust the microphone at your convenience.

Extended Height and Depth for Optimal Mounting
Omnidirectional Position Adjustment and Ergonomic Knobs
Long and Sturdy Aluminum Body
Covers for Hiding Clutter Cable
3/8” & 5/8” Universal Screw Mount
Two-way Installation: Clip or Hole
Supported Max. Microphone Weight: 950g
Supported Max. Desk Thickness: 60mm