Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer

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Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer is certainly in a league of its own, bringing new designs and variations for almost every component on the machine, to completely overhaul the classic design and offer a 3D Printer that is built to premium specifications. The Creality CR-6 SE is a “workhorse” FDM 3D printer designed for those who define creativity. With its smooth modular design, it features an intelligent levelling-free system with a new nozzle and extruder structure.

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Intelligent levelling-free System
The Creality CR-6 SE’s patented levelling-free system is designed to truly achieve hassle-free and intelligently automatic platform levelling.

Integrated modular design
The machine comes in modules with quality aluminium profiles that make it easy to assemble and maintain.

Trinamic Controller
The CR-6 is equipped with an independently developed silent motherboard with voltage control for smooth movement and silent printing.
Stable z-axis & timing belt
Great stability and balance are ensured by the dual Z-axis and timing belt, reducing vibrations and achieving smooth printing for finer results.

Improved user experience
The user experience is improved by optimized upgrades such as a redesigned nozzle, foldable filament holder and belt tensioner.

Build volume: 235 x 235 x 250 mm
Feeder system: Bowden
Print head: Single nozzle
Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
Max. hot end temperature: 260 ℃
Max. heated bed temperature: 110 ℃
Print bed material: Glass
Frame: Aluminum
Bed leveling: Automatic
Connectivity: SD card, micro USB
Print recovery: Yes
Filament sensor: Yes

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