Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

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Keep your home clean from dirt and dust with the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10. It features 4 adjustable suction levels for easy cleaning of dust and debris and removal of minute dust particles. It comes with a large 3200mAh battery to allow up to 130 minutes of battery life in standard mode when vacuuming and mopping. The Xiaomi S10 is also equipped with high-quality parts, including a side brush, main brush and dust box filter, with multi-directional coordination for a complete and efficient cleaning experience. It uses an LDS laser navigation system to allow smart house planning and fast and precise mapping. Its smart water tank features 3 water flow levels, allowing the unit to adjust the water discharge based on what different type of floor it’s cleaning to prevent it from being oversoaked. For extra convenience, the drawer dust box and water tank are designed for quick and easy removal, which makes them very easy to clean. The built-in sensors provide flexibility to handle complex home environments and ensure worry-free cleaning. Its zigzag and y-shaped cleaning path is optimized for a measured cleaning process and improved cleaning efficiency. You can also easily connect to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app for easy operation when you’re out and to set scheduled cleaning tasks.

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LDS Laser navigation
Fast and precise mapping
4000Pa powerful suction fan blower
Large 3200mAh battery capacity
3 Water settings
4 Adjustable suction modes
300ml dust box & 170ml water tank
Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App control
Navigation System: LDS
Mopping: Yes
Recharge Automatically: Yes
Battery: 3200mAh
Suction Power: 4000Pa
Dust Box Capacity: 300ml
Water Tank Capacity: 170ml
App: Track cleaning progress, Selected room cleaning, Zoned cleaning, Virtually wall, Multi-floor maps
Google/Alexa: Yes
Rated Voltage: 14.8V
Rated Power: 45W