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Tablet Buying Guide

Light weight, compact and portable, tablets provide easy access to information and communication. More and more business people on the move are adopting them and they are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms as an educational tool. There are many options...

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Gaming Computer Buying Guide

Gaming desktops can do all of the things standard home computers can do in terms of surfing the Internet, browsing photos, emailing and more but they are more powerful in order to handle the resource intensive gaming applications. Gamers can select from an...

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Printer Buying Guide

From brilliantly colored family photographs to your next employee newsletter, there's a printer to suit just about any need. Use this guide to help you explore different types of printers, their available features, and the latest in printing technology....

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Monitor Buying Guide

Finding the right monitor that best suits your needs can have a large impact on your computing experience. This guide highlights key features you need to consider when looking for your next monitor. Display Types Computer monitors have a variety of...

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Laptop Buying Guide

Laptops balance portability with the performance and power you need. Start your search for the perfect laptop with our overview of the most important features to consider. Weight All laptops are designed to be portable, but just how portable they are...

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Technical Guides


ABC OF COMPUTER SHORTCUTS   (For Apple computers, replace Ctrl with Cmd)   Ctrl+A Select all text Ctrl+B Bold selected text Ctrl+C Copy highlighted text Ctrl+F Opens find window Ctrl+I Italics selected text Ctrl+K Insert hyperlink for selected text Ctrl+N Creates a...

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Operating Systems

The operating system is the heart of your laptop. It manages all software and hardware, including files, memory and connected devices. Most importantly, it lets you interact with your laptop and your programs in a visual way.   • OS X Installed exclusively on Mac...

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Digital Spring Clean

September is here, time to shake off the Winter blues and spring clean our homes, offices and of course technology. Computers and their accessories attract dust, which can cause them to overheat or fail. Files accumulate, cluttering the storage and slowing our...

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Upgrade Your Computer

Upgrading your computer allows you to breathe new life into an aging system or to customise your technology to better suit your needs. This guide will highlight some of the components that you may consider upgrading for an improved performance.   Storage The...

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Storage Solutions

If you work on your computer often, you will quickly accumulate files. To avoid the risk of losing your critical work, emails, videos or family photos should your computer get damaged or stolen, it's vital to safely store your important files where you can easily...

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Build Your Own PC

If you can’t find a computer that suits your specific requirements, why not design your own? By researching each individual component's capabilities and limitations, you can select those that give you the optimal performance for your exact needs. If these requirements...

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