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How To Choose Bluetooth Speakers

How To Choose Bluetooth Speakers

When you are looking for Bluetooth speakers there are several aspects to consider. Be sure to look at the battery life of the speakers and the sound quality, as well as the frequency response. You will also need to look at the size of the Bluetooth speakers, especially if you are interested in portability. Below are some top tips on how to choose the best Bluetooth speakers for your needs. Good quality sound is essential for enjoying music, videos, movies, and even TV series. Not being able to hear what characters are saying, or missing out on lyrics to your favourite song, can be highly annoying. And if you watch videos on your mobile device, as many people do, you will likely want better sound than what the device can provide. This can be remedied by using Bluetooth speakers to enhance your sound.

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth speakers come in different Bluetooth versions. The version of Bluetooth will determine the quality of the audio transmission and the distance you can keep between your device and your speakers. You should ideally be looking for Bluetooth 4 and upward, as these are the better options. Bluetooth 4 can support better battery life and usually has a distance of up to 60 metres. Bluetooth 5 has been adopted by some speaker brands but not all.

Frequency Response

Another important aspect of choosing Bluetooth speakers is the frequency response. The frequency response is measured in Hertz (or Hz) and is described in ranges, for example, from 100Hz to 20,000Hz. The wider the range is, the better the sound quality of the speaker will be. Other factors do affect the clarity of sound too. Such as what you will be listening to on the speakers, as some instruments need a frequency of 250Hz upwards to be heard clearly.

Battery Life And Charging

You are in the middle of your favourite song at a party and...suddenly the music turns off. Choosing a Bluetooth speaker with ample battery life and easy charging options will ensure that you can listen to music for as long as you need. Some models have a battery life of up to 10 hours with a single charge,. This is ideal if you use these speakers to watch series or films regularly. You should look for speakers that offer up to six hours of playback.


The connectivity of Bluetooth speakers can be a make-or-break aspect when making a decision, so be sure to look at all of the available options. There are some models that now offer NFC or near-field communication. It makes pairing the devices much easier, allowing you to simply bring the devices close to one another for a few seconds while they pair. Be sure to ask about the connectivity of the speakers you are interested in so you are choosing the ones best suited to your needs.


The driver can be seen as the core of any speaker, and for Bluetooth speakers, it is vital to find an optimally-sized driver. Most portable Bluetooth speakers have 40mm drivers, which is a good size to start off with. Bigger drivers will mean that the size of the speaker will increase too, which is important to remember if you are looking for a more portable sound solution. Smaller Bluetooth speakers are usually equipped with a single, full-range driver.

Simplicity Of Controls

In today’s world, we want to be able to simply and easily control our devices, and the simplicity of the controls of your speakers is an important feature to look out for. Look for speakers that can be controlled by remote control if you will be watching films or series on your TV with them, and be sure that you can easily pair other devices without too much trouble. Simple controls mean that you will have more efficient listening experience.

Pump The Jam

Having Bluetooth speakers allows you to listen to music wherever you may be, whenever you please. However, choosing the right option for your needs can be difficult with so many to choose from. Start by looking at the Bluetooth version that the speakers have, and then move on to the frequency response and the drivers. Remember to find out about the connectivity, the battery life, and how simple the speakers are to use and control. If you want the perfect Bluetooth speakers for your music or movie needs, contact Computer Mania today or pop into one of our stores to browse our range. We offer brands such as JBL, Volkano, Creative, Microlab, and Remax.
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