Technical Services

Computer Mania’s in store technical service team offers you expertise and quick turnaround times to solve your technology challenges. You can drop off your computer at any of our stores, and receive a quote assessment for the services you require, including:


We'll remove viruses and malware, install updated protection software and backup your data.


We can upgrade your current computer or recommend alternative technology to improve the performance.


If you're looking for something unique, we can assist you to design and build your own computer.


In-store diagnostics will help you identify issues. We can also assist with data recovery and the repair process.


We can help you to find the right answers for your technology questions, offer advice and make recommendations.


We'll help you set up your system and install software.

Our Services

Depending on your device type and your needs we will recommend what service level you require.

Level 1 - R99

Set up Windows
Your PC will be ready to go!
Set up your Microsoft account
Install Essential Apps
Adobe Reader, Google, Chrome, Windows defender, VLC, TeamViewer.

Level 2 - R295

INCLUDES level 1 tasks PLUS:

Personalise Desktop
Relevant icons & shortcuts added
Install all purchased software & hardware
MS Office, Kasperksy or RAM or SSD upgrade

Level 3 - R495

INCLUDES level 2 tasks PLUS:

Personalised lock-screens
Windows biometric authentication.
Update Windows
Get the latest Microsoft
Transfer data
Move data from your old PC to your new one.
Set up 3rd party email accounts, etc.

Other Services & Rates

All other services

Labour per hour: R495

We charge a flat rate of R495 for any labour required to a device you have booked

Drive Cloning: R795

Your existing applications and data will be moved over to the new PC or laptop as an
exact copy.

Install Windows + drivers: R795

Windows will be installed as a fresh / clean copy including all drivers.

Install Windows + drivers + Backup: R895

Windows will be installed as a fresh / clean copy including all drivers and data but
you will need to reinstall and setup all third party application.

Screen Replacement: R1899 - R2999

A new screen will be supplied and fitted in place of the defective one. Price varied by screen size & screen resolution.

Software Installations: R495 - R795

Applications of your choosing will be installed as supplied or purchased.

Virus Removal: R495

We run a virus / malware removal via a minimum of 3 different cleaners to ensure
all infections are removed.

System Builds: R500 - R1000

Builds of supplied or purchased components as a complete system.

Component installations: R495

This is the standard rate for component installations, however if you purchased a
Pre-Build from Computer Mania, you get your first component upgrade FREE!
(Excluding cost of new component*)

Clean out: R500 - R1000

All components are removed and cleaned before reassembly, including dust build up
in system fans.

Damage report (Including insurance quote): R595

Detailed report on given damage / malfunction as well as probable cause thereof and
estimated repair / replacement cost.

Assessments: R495

A general assessment to identify any underlying issues, ensure optimal performance, and provide recommendations for improving the reliability and usability of the PC or laptop.