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Let The Games Begin: How To Set Up The Perfect Gaming Station

Let The Games Begin: How To Set Up The Perfect Gaming Station

All avid gamers need their own comfortable space to relax in while defeating enemies, building empires, or simply choosing their new skins. But it can be tricky to set up a computer system that is both comfortable and functional. You need to consider the ergonomics of your gaming station as well as the aesthetics. You can find the below items at Computer Mania either online or instore. This list is to help you build a gaming station that is not only awesome to look at, but is comfortable to use and will not cause you discomfort while spending hours in front of your screen owning noobs. So, if you want to set up the ultimate gaming station, keep reading for our top tips.

Gear Up With A Gaming Chair

Your gaming chair is arguably one of the most important elements of your station. It will help to create a comfortable and ergonomic space for you to game in. Not opting for a chair that supports your back or that does not offer adjustability could cause you serious physical pain or discomfort. If your chair will only be used by you, it can be set to a fixed height that is comfortable for you. You will also need a chair that offers good lumbar support so that your back is comfortable and correctly positioned during gameplay. The seat should also be evenly padded to offer comfort, and the armrests should be adjustable. Without an ergonomic gaming chair, you might find yourself feeling strained and uncomfortable after sitting for extended periods of time.

Make Moves With Your Gaming Monitor

Investing in a high-quality gaming monitor is equally as important. After all, your monitor is the eye into the heart of your machine. And it allows you to experience the awesomeness of your game in full colour! Your monitor should show text characters at a comfortable and readable size, which will reduce eye strain and headaches. Be sure to position your monitor directly in front of you, with your eyes facing a spot that is just under 5cm below the top of your case. This is the perfect ergonomic placement, otherwise you will be forced to either crane your neck (monitor is too high) or sit at an awkward angle (monitor is too low). You could opt for a gaming monitor that is curved, for the ultimate viewing experience. More upscale models offer refresh rates of 165Hz for an efficient experience.

Define The Space With A Gaming Desk

Another vital element of your gaming station is the gaming desk. Now, a gaming desk is different from an office desk, in that it has different functionality to the latter. A gaming desk is usually built to accommodate two monitors, some even offering the ability to raise one to a comfortable level. You might even need to use a retractable keyboard platform. These desks allow you to vary the distance from the keyboard to the desk, which can help in reducing wrist strain. Be sure that the important keys of your keyboard are easily accessible on your desk (good old WSAD) so that you are not straining your wrists or fingers. If you are going to be gaming int the late hours of the evening (or early hours of the morning) then you should also invest in a desktop light in order to reduce eye strain.

Play To Your Strengths With A Gaming PC

Now we come to the brains of the operation – the gaming desktop. If you want the ultimate gaming station and experience, you will need to choose a PC that is dedicated to this function. This means that the processers are faster, and the graphics cards offer 4k graphics for the perfect immersion in the game. Some features to look out for on your gaming desktop include an 8GB DDR4 Gaming RAM with heatsink, a 500W Power Supply, as well as an impressive graphics card. With the latest technology, these gaming desktops ensure that there is no lagging or loss of connection to the Wi-Fi or the Internet. These chassis are also aesthetically pleasing and can set the mood of the station, with some even including fans and lights that change colour according to customised settings.

Embrace Ergonomics

One of the most important features for any gaming setup is the ergonomics of each component. After all, you will be spending a large amount of time at your computer, and so you should feel as comfortable as possible. Be sure to invest in a comfortable and customizable gaming chair, and pair it with a desk that can easily be moderated for your comfort. The next step is to invest in a monitor and desktop that are made specifically for playing games. So, if you ready to start your next adventure, find your nearest Computer Mania store today to see what we can offer you.
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