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Protect Your Work & Home Equipment - UPS Backup Power Inverter

Protect Your Work & Home Equipment - UPS Backup Power Inverter

Protect your work-from-home equipment against load shedding with a UPS backup power inverter

 Working from home is now more than just a trend; for many South African workers, it became a way of life. Technology is at the heart of this revelation - our equipment must work without a hiccup if we want to show up professionally in the new work environment. In the modern, fast-paced world, a job is a flash in the pan compared to a career, to be prepared for anything ensure we need a tight handle on the equipment we use to earn a living.

A reliable internet and electricity connection is the backbone of the virtual office, a struggle in South Africa with its frequent power outages. That's what makes a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) an essential piece of wifi equipment. It will do more than light up your fibre modem when load shedding strikes; it will also protect the crucial devices for your job.

Unlike electrical devices that switch off during power cuts, desktops, laptops and routers have built-in processors that can suffer damage in a sudden power cut. With backup power provided by a UPS device, you can laugh in the face of Eskom's bungles when that happens.

If you need a few minutes to finish up work and protect your equipment against sudden shutdowns, then the Mecer 2000VA Offline UPS will be the right UPS for you. If your laptop's battery will take care of power issues and you need power for your modem during an outage, we recommend the Linkqnet DC UPS. The Linkgnet DC UPS is effectively a power bank for your router, an amazing product to run your wifi during load shedding, provided your laptop runs from an onboard battery.

You should be aware that a UPS does not provide continuous power; it gives you time to safely switch off your computer without losing your work when an outage occurs. We also stock backup power solutions that will keep your equipment running for the duration of a load-shedding session if that's what you require.

Computer Mania stocks a wide selection of UPS systems. Our in-store technical specialists can answer all your questions and assist you to find the best solution for your requirements.


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