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Top Tips For Choosing A Computer Case

Top Tips For Choosing A Computer Case

A computer case is an important part of a desktop computer. Not only will it provide awesome visual appeal, it is used to keep all of your components together and operating correctly. But, for those who are new to building their own PC or who might not know any different, the case is an often-overlooked part of a build. The size and shape of the computer case will determine the type and size of the components that are installed into it. Choosing a computer case should not solely come down to which one looks the best in the moment, however, there are numerous aspects to consider to choose the right one. Not sure where to start or feeling a little confused? Below we give some top tips on how to choose a computer case.

Start With The Size

The most important aspect to consider when choosing a computer case is the size. The size of the case will often determine the size of the components and a computer case will be grouped into any one of four categories: Small Form Factor, Mini Tower, Mid Tower, and Full Tower. Full Tower and Mid Tower cases are able to fit standard ATX motherboards and smaller cases will fit smaller motherboards. Some cases can fit larger motherboards, but these computer cases can be quite tall, heavy, and unwieldy. When it comes to the GPU and CPU cooler, the height and size of the case will affect the size of these components. The length is the most important factor for the GPU but the height will also need to be considered. The other components, such as the RAM and SSD will also depend on the size of the case.

Consider Modularity

Modularity or a modular computer case allows you to add and remove parts like trays, covers, mounts, and so on. This gives you more flexibility in terms of how your computer case looks, which is especially useful for gamers who prefer a certain look for their cases. You will need to think about how this modularity affects the other components you need. Too much modularity might be overkill for some but standard cases can be extremely restricting for others. You can choose from a diverse array of modular ports and controls, enabling you to turn a plain computer case into something truly unique and optimally functional. Some fun options include heat-monitoring LCD panels that show the temperature of specific components.

Pick The Right PSU

You could choose a computer case that has a PSU (power supply unit) already integrated into it, but this might not be the best option for your needs if you are a gamer. The PSU is a vital component of any computer, and the one which is included in the computer case may not be adequate enough for any gaming or serious design needs. Buying a separate PSU is an ideal solution for anyone who is serious about gaming or graphics-heavy applications, but for those who simply want a computer to work on on a daily basis, you could opt for a computer case with a built-in PSU. You will need to be sure that both the case and the PSU are manufactured by reliable brands and will last you for at least two to four years without any problems.

Know Your Budget

One of the most important steps to take when looking at a computer case is to know your budget. It can be easy to be persuaded by the bright, shiny computer cases in the store but if you do not have the right budget, you might be very disappointed. You should ideally look for a computer case with two fans for optimal cooling, which can save money for lower budgets. You should also be sure to check the measurements of your computer case to be sure that it will fit all of the other components in it. The higher your budget, the more you will be able to afford, such as additional features like RGB cooling fans and additional modularity. Speak to your computer store and ask them what is available in your price range.

Carefully Consider Cooling

Cooling is a major factor to consider when choosing a computer case, as a case with minimal cooling techniques in place might cause the other components to overheat and become damaged. You should look for a case which has good airflow, at least two fan mounts or two fans, and at least one to two radiator mounts. These components help to improve the airflow of your computer case and help to ensure your desktop computer runs quietly, has better heat dissipation, and will ensure the laptop is more heat efficient. If you are looking for a new computer case or would like to upgrade your current one, contact Computer Mania today or head to one of our stores for more information.
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