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What To Look For In Gaming Headsets

What To Look For In Gaming Headsets

For anyone who enjoys gaming, whether on a gaming PC or using a console, having the perfect gaming headset can make the experience all the more exciting. Being able to clearly hear what is happening in-game and having a crystal clear microphone to give orders with is the goal of every gamer, but it can be difficult to choose the right headset with so many options on the market. When you are looking for gaming headsets there are important aspects to consider. Start by considering the quality of the gaming headset’s headphone seal, as this will impact what you hear while gaming, and always look at the quality of the microphone if you are concerned that your voice will not carry well. If you’re feeling a little confused, below we take a more in-depth look at what you should look for in a gaming headset.

Pick Your Platform

Before you go into any store and choose a gaming headset, you will need to consider which platform or platforms you use for gaming on a regular basis. Headsets with a 3.5mm connection are suitable for both consoles and for your computer, but it is important to note that some consoles do not always support all functions depending on the software the gaming headset uses. If you will be using a console most of the time, you will need to look for a gaming headset that is designed for this device. Knowing which platform you will be using on a regular basis will help you to find a headset that will operate at optimal levels. You can ask your local computer experts for help if you are not sure as to what features to look for based on each platform.

All About Isolation

The quality of the seal of your gaming headset headphones is an important consideration. Poor isolation can change what you hear during game-play, which can affect how successful your game is. The size and material of the headphone pad can improve the quality of the seal, so be sure to examine this carefully when looking at gaming headsets. Some headsets are noise cancelling, which means that they filter out background noise and have a clearer audio output. This is ideal if your gaming station is set up in an area that experiences a lot of background or ambient noise, which can be distracting. However, be sure that the noise cancellation is not too complete in case of any emergencies.

Better Build Quality

Many gaming headsets are made from plastic, but it is important to look for one which is made from strong and durable plastic. You can also look out for gaming headsets that have a metal or wire frame, which provides them with a more solid feel and weight. There should also be a decent range of movement within the frame, so you can easily fit the headset over your head. A gaming headset made from cheap plastic is easy to break, which can be detrimental to those who become passionate during gaming. Some brands, such as Cougar have unique frames for their headsets, making them more durable and reliable, while others invest in using metal for their frames for added strength.

Wired Versus Wireless

An important consideration for your gaming headset is whether you would like the connection to be wired or wireless. A wireless headset connects to a base which is connected to your computer, using this base to charge and to connect to your device. It is ideal if you need to take a break from gaming but still need to chat with your teammates. Wired headsets have a wired connection to the platform you are using, and are a popular choice among serious gamers, as there is no danger of the battery running low mid-game. They are usually USB 3.0 compatible but some still use the audio jack type of connection, which is popular with PC gamers.

The Mic Matters

The quality of the microphone on a gaming headset is often overlooked, but it should be given more importance, especially if you frequently play games with team members and communicate via microphones. You will likely not be able to find a headset with a recording-quality microphone, but an adjustable microphone can help to improve the sound quality of your headset. If you choose a microphone with little to no boosting, your sound might not be as full as it could be but this can be solved in the settings of many games or even chat channels. For gamers who play at home and do not move their setup very often, a gaming headset with a connected microphone is ideal, but those who are on the go and would like an easy-to-carry solution, a detachable microphone is best. For the ultimate choice in gaming headsets and other gaming essentials, contact Computer Mania today or head to one of our computer stores for more information.
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