Avermedia AVM-CV910 Extremecap 910 Capture Device

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AverMedia CV910 EXTREMECAP HD Video & Audio Capture Device with Built-in 360 degree Microphone. Your voice & lessons are flawlessly recorded with just a press of a button. Simply connect your PC via HDMI/VGA.

_Easily capture all digital lesson contents from your Chromebook, with combined voice recording from the integrated microphone to save full lessons and presentations
_Simply connect your computer via HDM or VGA, press the record button, and your entire lesson will be recorded and ready to share
_Since the ExtremeCap 910 combines video and audio into one file on an on-board SD card, there is no complicated video editing or capture software needed to produce full, rich lessons
_The integrated microphone includes noise cancelling technology to effectively capture the teacher's voice, and reduce irrelevant background noises for clear, pleasant audio
_One-touch mute control allows the teacher to mute the microphone while other audio is playing, or side conversations are taking place to maintain privacy
_Dashboard is a user friendly utility for adjusting the ExtremeCap 910's settings from a PC
_Record Mode and Video Quality are the two main settings in which you select room sizes, content resolutions to best suit your needs