Cougar Vortex MHP120 High Performance Radaitor Fan - 1 Pack

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Through structural adjustment and precision tuning, MHP 120 fan is suitable for any cooling fan position inside the chassis. In addition, the metallic-reinforced motor hub & metallic bearing shell design drastically increases the stability and cooling performance. MHP120 is the perfect choice for cooling fan upgrades!

Fan Speed: 600-2000 RPM±200RPM
Air Flow: 82.48 CFM ± 10%
Air Pressure: 4.24 mm H2O±10%
Acoustic Noise: 41.2 dB(A) (Max.)
Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
Connector & Control: 4 Pin PWM

Extremely Hyper Fan With 2000 RPM(max)
Proven with data from certified professional testing labs, MHP 120 delivering 82.48 CFM/ 143.53 m3/h high air flow and 4.24mmH2O high static pressure. Moreover, it features a high fan speed capable of reaching up to 2000 RPM, providing outstanding performance, MHP 120 fan is the fan that dominates!

Metal-reinforced Motor Hub & Shell
With the metal-reinforced motor hub and metal bearing shell design, MHP 120 fan generates excellent rotational stability that takes enhanced performance and durability to a whole new level.

Anti-vibration Damper
MHP 120 cooling fan is equipped with rubber dampers at four edges of the fan that absorbs vibration. Further reducing noise from mounting gaps and/or resonance in the chassis, adding to the quiet performance of your PC system.

Suitable For Radiator / Heatsink
With the high static pressure level of MHP 120, it is an excellent choice for most of the radiator & heatsink in maximizing their heat dissipation. And of course, MHP 120 is also compatible, and can be mounted to most of the air / water cooler from other brands with ease.