Genius KB-100 Smart USB Keyboard

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Full USB keyboard with 12 programmable keys. You can customize any of the 12 function keys to launch applications, visit websites, enable multimedia, send emojis, create app internal shortcuts. With a touch of a single button command, it can also bring out your often used words or phrases. Convenience & Efficiency is just one single keystroke away

Visual Function Key Bar
Customizable Keys F1 To F12
Function Key
App Profile support
SmartGenius support
USB Interface

Customer Reviews

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Maybe defective

I did own a cheap genius keyboard sort of like a laptop keyboard "short throw/stroke" for a few years and it was a great daily driver, it survived over a 100k lines of code but it eventually gave up and I had to replace it, so I did go to the store and grab one of these as an temp solution till I decide on a long term purchase, seemed a bit stiff initially but I did think it will loosen up after a few days. It did not, it is worse than a low tier Redragon keyboard, trust! If you try and type fast and hit a key at just the slightest of a funny angle the key fights back like a brick wall. As soon as I receive my new keyboard, this piece of rubbish is done for. Unless this is a defective unit, I would actually advise CM to stop selling it, it is not worth the plastic it is made of. Genius makes good keyboards but this particular one is really bad.