HiKSEMI 512GB Solid State Disk Drive, USB3.1 Type C Portable SSD

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The biggest focal point for the T100I is the fact you can take it anywhere, and use it across multiple devices, such as your Android phone, desktop PC, and your laptop. With SSD-type speeds, you are looking at transferring data at staggering speeds to all of your devices, and the device can simply slide into your pocket. An easy way to carry all your data in one location no matter where you go. Whether you own a gaming PC or a notebook, having an SSD inside the PC helps boot up the system quicker, move through files and even launch your games much faster. Now with the T100I, you have all of that speed and power on the move. No matter where you go you can have the best SSD speed in a portable device.

High-Speed Transmission: The maximum read speed is up to 450 M/s, which is 4 times that of the mechanical hard disk.
Portable Design: Designed with a hanging hole, create your own stylish accessories.
Capacity Expansion for Mobile Phone: It can connect to Android phones, Android tablets, and other devices via OTG cables.
Shock-resistant: Use a special material to protect the device.
Ultra Portable
USB 3.1 Type C
Max Read Speed 450Mps
Max Write Speed 400Mp