Samsung 19" LS19A330 HD Monitor

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Virtually eliminate eye strain for more comfortable extended computing with eye comfort technology. Flicker Free continuously removes irritating flicker, while Eye Saver Mode minimizes blue light. Protect your eyes, keep them fresh, and do more. Experience the whole picture from wherever you sit. Everything remains vivid and clear from 178 all around-even up into the very corners. Whether you're standing up, sitting down, or peering over someone's shoulder, documents and graphics look consistently accurate. Link your monitor to external memory drives and other devices with HDMI and D-sub ports. Now, your computing environment is even more convenient with additional input possibilities. Game Mode instantly optimizes screen contrast to give you a competitive edge during gameplay. By selectively boosting contrast in scenes, Game Mode reveals more detail in dark areas to let you spot your enemies faster.

Size: 19" Flat
Resolution: 1366 x 768 at 60Hz
Widescreen (16:9)
600:1 Contrast Ratio
D-Sub Connector 
Eye Saver Mode
Flicker Free

Customer Reviews

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Tando Mahlati
It is what i asked for but thumbnail misleading

I want a monitor and I got what I wanted, what led to me buying the monitor is the thumbnail and the price. The brice was way below my budget and the thumbnail convenienced me it is a decent monitor with decent specs but after turning it on I was shocked by the aspect ratio(its bad) . I was disappointed but it was good bang for a buck. Overall, for its price range its great.