Switched 4 Way Multiplug Surge Protected

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SKU: MS-8500-05-WT
4 way multiplug with overload protection and safety shutters. 16A rating and surge protection max on live and neutral of 6000A.

Overload Protection
Overload Reset Switch
Safety Shutters
Amperage: 2 x 16 A, 1 x 6 A, 1 x 10 A
Surge Protection: 450 Joules
Total Surge Current: 15000 A
Surge Protection Max (on Live and Neutral): 6000 A
Maximum Load: 3500 W
Cord Type: 0.5M Braided - H05VV-F 3 x 1mm²
Number of Plugs: 4 Way

What’s in the Box:

1 x 4 Way Surge Protected Multiplug 0.5m Braided Cord
2 x Safety Plug Socket Covers
4 x Self Adhesive Cable Clips
6 x 3M Double Sided mounting Tape