Xbox Series X | S Wireless Controller (Dream Vapor Special Edition)

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Get equipped with the Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller on Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series, with a superb design. Feel the action with pulse triggers that provide vibration feedback so you can feel every bump and jolt in high definition. Improve your accuracy with more ergonomic analogue sticks and directional pad, and play wirelessly up to 9m away from your console. The Xbox controller is getting even better, with over 40 technological innovations. New pulse triggers deliver greater precision for even more realistic experiences. A new expansion port with high-speed data transfer provides clearer sound when using a compatible headset. The analogue sticks, directional cross and contours have also been improved to provide precision and comfort in your hands, and the batteries fit into the body of the controller, leaving more room for your hands to hold the controller naturally.
Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth Technology
Custom Button Mapping
Hybrid D-pad
Share Button
3.5MM Audio Jack
Easily Pair and switch between devices
Dynamic and unique pink and purple colour swirl
Rubberised, purple diamond-pattern grips | Button mapping Bluetooth® technology
Compatibility: Microsoft Xbox One S, Microsoft Xbox One X, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox One