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The Various Computer Shortcuts that you should know about

Shortcuts For Both Windows PCs and Apple Macs (For Apple computers, replace Ctrl with Cmd)

Ctrl+A - Select all text Ctrl+B - Bold selected text Ctrl+C - Copy the highlighted text Ctrl+F - Opens find window Ctrl+I - Italics selected text Ctrl+K - Insert hyperlink for selected text Ctrl+N - Creates a new blank document in some programs Ctrl+O - Open a file in the current software Ctrl+P - Opens print preview Ctrl+S - Saves the file Ctrl+Tab - Switches between tabs in a program Ctrl+U - Underline selected text Ctrl+V - Paste text or object Ctrl+X - Cuts selected item Ctrl+Y - Redo the last action Ctrl+Z - Undo the last action Ctrl+Home - Moves the cursor to the start of the document (Apple Cmd+up arrow) Ctrl+End - moves the cursor to the end of the document (Apple CMD+down arrow) Alt+Tab - Switches between open programs (Apple Cmd+Tab)

Shortcuts Exclusive to PC (not available for Apple)

Ctrl+Backspace - Deletes a full word Ctrl+left or right arrow - Moves the cursor one word at a time Ctrl+Shift+left or right arrow - Highlights one word at a time Alt+F - File menu options in the current program Alt+E - Edit options in the current program F1 - Universal help menu F2 - Rename selected file F5 - Refresh the current program window
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