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Choosing The Perfect Computer Keyboard

Choosing The Perfect Computer Keyboard

In today’s modern world, many of us spend the majority of our time in front of a computer, typing out documents or code. The type of computer keyboard that you use can have a significant impact on your typing and computing experience. The right keyboard allows us to type faster and more accurately,. This will make our working lives more efficient and our gaming more effective (especially for those intense moments). When you are choosing a computer keyboard the switch type is a very important component to consider. You will also need to look at what you use your keyboard for on a regular basis. As well as whether you want a wired or wireless model. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision. We have put together some top tips on how to choose the perfect computer keyboard for your needs.

Switch It Up

The first aspect to consider when choosing a computer keyboard is the type of switch you would like to use. There are several different types, including the silicone dome, the scissor, and the mechanical switch type. Each one has a different tactical element, as is outlined below:
  • Silicone Dome: Silicone dome switches use two rubber membranes that are formed into domes which are depressed when you push a key. This completes a connection between two circuits and sends a signal to the computer.
  • Scissor: Scissor switches add plastic pieces to dome designs that add a scissor mechanism. This connects ot the keycaps and makes the key travel shorter, making for a more precise feel for the computer keyboard. These keyboards have a lower profile and are often used for notebooks and more modern computers.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical switches on computer keyboards are popular with users who prefer an extremely precise typing experience. There are many designs of mechanical keyboards but each one is made with metal springs that depress when a user presses a key. They provide the most tactile feedback.

Choosing the right computer keyboard switch type is important to the overall experience when using the keyboard.

What About Work?

Looking at the switch type is important. You will however also need to think about the type of work or use you will be getting the computer keyboard for. There are keyboards that have been designed for specific purposes, such as those designed for gaming. For users who spend hours typing each day, there are ergonomically designed keyboards for this purpose. Making sure your computer keyboard has a numeric keypad is vital. If you work with numbers on a daily basis, without this, you are unable to perform your duties. The way in which you will be using your keyboard will largely dictate the type you should purchase. If you use your keyboard for multiple activities, you will need to cater for all of these uses.

Wired Up (Or Not)

Another important consideration when choosing a computer keyboard is whether or not it is wired. Wireless keyboards can be moved around easily and do not have wires which can clutter a desk. This makes them a popular choice for office workers. However, wireless keyboards to need to remain charged in order to work, which can be time-consuming during an urgent situation. Wired keyboards are popular with both gamers and serious typists alike. They will remain working all day without the need to be charged or have the batteries replaced. Having a wired computer keyboard can, however, take up space on your desk, so you will need to consider this before you make a decision.

Love That Layout

Another important factor to look at when choosing your computer keyboard is the layout. Most keyboards will have similar layouts using similar sets of basic keys. These include character keys, modifier keys, system command keys, editing keys, navigation keys, and function keys. There are variations on these keys, as we see with Apple, but many keyboards stick to this structure for ease-of-use. The QWERTY layout is the most popular, but some users prefer the Dvorak layout for precise and faster typing. Some keyboards have special keys to control functions such as volume and power. An ergonomically laid out keyboard is the best option for people who type on a daily basis, as it can decrease the pain often felt by typists. If you are looking for a new computer keyboard, contact Computer Mania today or head to one of our computer stores for more information.
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