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Digital Spring Clean_

Digital Spring Clean_

The Digital Spring Cleaning

September is here, time to shake off the Winter blues and spring clean our homes, offices, and of course technology. Computers and their accessories attract dust, which can cause them to overheat or fail. Files accumulate, cluttering the storage and slowing our computers down. Software and hardware become outdated, and security is compromised. We need to clean our computers both inside and out, clear out the old, fix issues, and refreshing systems to keep them efficient and responsive. Computer Mania’s in-store technology specialists shared some useful tips to give your technology a digital spring clean.

Some advice and useful tips from our specialists:

  • Clear up the digital clutter such as junk and temporary files
  • Uninstall apps you longer use to free up storage space
  • Run the latest versions of applications you use
  • Tidy up your browser and remove unused browser extensions.
  • Organise your files into designated folders and delete duplicates
  • Clean up your desktop from unnecessary shortcuts and files
  • Store your files on a cloud service to free up hard disk space
  • Update and run anti-virus and spyware software
  • Defrag your computer so your disks and drives can run more efficiently
  • Backup your files to an external drive or cloud storage
  • Empty out the trash
  • Remove unused programs from autoload at startup
  • Turn off your computer and wipe down your keyboard
  • Clean your mouse
  • Use the correct computer cleaning tools to avoid damage
  • Make sure your firewall is on
  • Update your social media profiles
  • Change your passwords

In addition to stocking a wide range of tried and tested products, Computer Mania offers trusted advice and an in-store technical service to assist you to optimise the performance of your computer. This includes cleaning your machine, uploading software, backing up files, and upgrading your technology. Visit to find the store nearest you to get assistance with your digital spring clean.

New store opening 1 September 2017 at Clearwater Mall.

Computer Mania stocks a wide selection of cleaning kits, Software, and External Hard Drives. Our in-store technical specialists can answer all your questions and assist you to find the best solution for your requirements. Shop online I Find a store
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