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Gaming Monitor vs Home Monitors

Gaming Monitor vs Home Monitors

The main difference between a gaming monitor vs a home monitor (also called a regular monitor) is the following. A gaming monitor is specifically built for gamers, while regular monitors are better for day-to-day work.

Refresh rate

Gaming monitors vs home monitors are more expensive with their performance-orientated engineering. It consists of higher refresh rates, lower input lags, and other features that ensure smooth visuals even when playing fast-paced titles. Refresh rate, which is measured in Hertz, is simply how many times an image can refresh in a second. The higher the number, the more frames per second. If you are into competitive shooters, high refresh rates will definitely be an advantage. The standard nowadays is at least 144Hz.

Input lag

Input lag refers to the milliseconds it takes between your GPU generating an image and its on-screen rendering. Where you will mostly notice this, is the time it takes to move your mouse before your pointer on-screen reacts to it. While gaming, this is seen as several milliseconds of difference, every millisecond counts. A millisecond could be the difference between you making a reaction and its consequent effect on the game. A 120Hz display will essentially half the input lag in comparison to a 60Hz since the picture gets updated more frequently and you can react to it sooner. If you opt for a 240Hz gaming monitor, you should focus on its response time speed performance.

Response rate - Gaming Monitors vs Home Monitors

Response rate (also measured in milliseconds) is the time it takes the screen to change from one colour to another. Most home monitors’ response rate is around 10ms. Gaming monitor screens can go down to 1 ms. The ideal response rate for gaming monitors is less than 5ms. At Computer Mania, we have a wide range of home and gaming monitors we are here to help you choose the best monitor for you. Have a look at our catalogue to see what we offer.
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