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How to Choose a Gaming Monitor

How to Choose a Gaming Monitor

The monitor of your gaming PC setup may be one of the last things to sort out after you took care of the GPU, fans and snazzy lighting, but it’s the crowning glory of your battle station. After all, the graphics on the screen is what creates the world that we step into when we play a game.

Two important factors separate the wheat from the chaff in gaming monitors:

Fast refresh rate

The ideal gaming monitor will pair with your graphics card like tomato pairs with cheese. When these two elements don't sync, you get screen tearing - annoying horizontal splits across the screen when a monitor’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate is out of alignment. At the minimum, we recommend a monitor with a refresh rate of 75 HZ. The 27" LED monitor in our catalogue from Samsung, is an example of a monitor that satisfies the requirement for an entry-level gaming monitor For hardcore gamers who want to invest more in getting an immersive experience, we recommend the Alienware 27” with an astounding 240Hz refresh rate.

Response time

Another important factor in choosing a gaming monitor is response time - how long a monitor takes to change from one colour shade to another. The lower the response time, the better. A gaming monitor should not have a response time higher than 5ms. Again Samsung’s 27" LED just makes the cut for the budget-conscious gamer, while the Alienware monitor crosses the line in the first position at 1ms. Computer Mania stocks a wide selection of Gaming Monitors. Our in-store technical specialists can answer all your questions and assist you in finding the best solution for your requirements. Get in touch with Computer Mania today for more information!
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