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How To Choose The Best Computer Mouse

How To Choose The Best Computer Mouse

When it comes to a desktop computer, one of the most used pieces of equipment is the computer mouse. It is the most hands-on computer accessory you will use, which means that it needs to be comfortable enough for daily use, whether you are gaming or simply working. But, choosing from the multitude of computer mouse options on the market can be difficult. When you are choosing a computer mouse there are numerous aspects to consider. Start by looking at the type of computer mouse you will need (gaming or travel or normal) and then move on to looking at the ergonomic requirements you might have for daily use. If this sounds a little confusing, in this article we give some helpful advice on how to choose a computer mouse.

Different Types Of Mice

The computer mouse might be one of the more simple computer accessories, but over the years, different types have been created. The most common computer mouse is one designed for use with a desktop computer, but this can further be broken down into two different types, namely gaming mice and travel mice, as we outline below.
  • Gaming Mice: Gaming mice take the basic computer mouse model and amplify the functions, often adding in more features and enhanced ergonomic design. Depending on the style of gaming the mouse is intended for, the features will be different. There might be laser sensors, light-click buttons, adjustable weight options, and even programmable macro commands.
  • Travel Mice: Travel mice have the same features as a normal desktop computer mouse, but are shrunk in size for ease-of-movement. Most of these are standard two or three button units and many are wireless, but this will depend on your own personal preferences. They are often not designed with ergonomics in mind but are perfect for people on-the-go who need to use a mouse for their laptop or tablet.

Connectivity Options

Once you have looked at both types of mice and have decided which is right for you, you will need to look at what connectivity options are ideal for your needs. You can choose from wired USB connections, often known as the “plug and play” computer mouse or a wireless option, which uses a Bluetooth connection to function. A wired computer mouse draws its power from the USB connection, which means that you do not have to worry about recharging batteries. Wired mice are also more popular with gamers, as there is no lag or interference that can occur with wireless versions. Wireless mice are preferred by those who use laptops or who want to free up desk space from cords and wires.

Optical Or Laser?

A computer mouse is available in two different movement types, namely optical and laser. An optical computer mouse uses an LED to reflect off of the surface below and a laser mouse uses a laser to track movement. One of the disadvantages of an optical mouse is that you can only use it on a flat, opaque surface, which can be difficult if you do not have a computer desk with this surface. Laser mice are more sensitive and can reach higher DPI ratings, which means they can track movements better and move across the screen quicker. If you choose a laser computer mouse, you will need to turn the mouse sensitivity to a lower level to avoid any acceleration issues. Choose the option that is best for you and your needs.

All About Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the computer mouse are important, because it is a tool that you will use on a daily basis. The mouse should feel comfortable in your hands and should not give you carpal tunnel syndrome after hours of use. You should be able to move the mouse around your desk freely, without having to stretch or strain, if it is a wired mouse, and should use a mouse pad with wrist support for those who game for long hours.

Mouse In The House

Choosing a computer mouse does not need to be a difficult or time-consuming process if you have some tips to follow. Think about whether you need a gaming mouse, a normal mouse, or a travel mouse and if you prefer wired or wireless options. Be sure to consider the ergonomics and laser or optical options carefully, too. If you need a new computer mouse for your gaming station, work-from-home office, or laptop, Computer Mania has you covered! View them here and find out what we can offer you.
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