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Laptops vs Desktops - Important Facts to Consider

Laptops vs Desktops - Important Facts to Consider

Weighing laptops vs desktops - or, more specifically, which is better - is an age-old debate. Choosing one over the other, however, becomes more and more difficult than it used to be, as laptops now have more powerful internal components and are closing the performance gap with desktop PCs.

Before you begin your search, it's a good idea to change your mind-set: neither device is superior to the other, and each has its own set of advantages. It all boils down to your individual requirements and preferences.


The most obvious distinction between laptops vs desktops is portability. Laptops (Notebooks) are typically made of lightweight frames that house screens smaller than 17 inches and full-size keyboards. The simple clamshell design makes opening, closing, and carrying simple. Desktop computers, on the other hand, generally remain where they are set up.

Processing power

The processing power capacity compensates of desktop computers compensate for the lack of portability. Desktop computers outperform laptops in general because they have more dedicated space for more powerful hardware.


Other than the RAM and hard drive, laptops don't have many upgradeable components because the parts are built-in and therefore not removable. If you ever need to upgrade other components, you'll need to buy a new laptop.

Most components on a desktop can be easily removed, making upgrades easier. Furthermore, desktop cases are typically larger, making upgrades easier to complete.

Power Usage

Power is an important consideration in the debate between laptops vs. desktop computers in South Africa today.

A laptop computer uses less energy than a desktop computer. This is because laptops have smaller components, requiring less electricity to operate. A laptop contains a battery. Your unsaved work will not be lost if load shedding occurs. When the power goes out, the battery kicks in right away and you can continue using your laptop.

Desktop computers consume a lot of power because they must power a high-wattage power supply, a monitor, and multiple components on the inside of the machine. Documents that have not been saved may be lost if the power goes out.

In conclusion

The choice between laptops vs. desktop computers will mainly depend on what you want to use it for.

A desktop PC is the obvious choice if you are a techie who enjoys tinkering, playing complex games, editing sound and video or developing computer programs. A laptop will allow you to complete general work or study assignments, surf the web, or stream music and videos without tying you to a desk.

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