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Make your Wifi Coverage Strong with Wi-Fi Extenders or Mesh Networks

Make your Wifi Coverage Strong with Wi-Fi Extenders or Mesh Networks

Make your Wi-Fi coverage stronger

No matter how capable your router is, there are many times a single one just cannot cover the whole house reliably with strong signals. Wifi connection problems happen to everyone, but getting the right setup to cover your home with an internet connection will help to alleviate many of the problems people have with wifi connectivity. One of the first steps to take if you are struggling to connect is to check out the capabilities of your devices. A single-band router that only has one frequency band can only transmit one signal at a time, which can get choked if you connect too many devices. A dual-band router on the other hand can transmit on both the 5G and 2.4 GHz frequencies, providing better performance and faster Wi-Fi speeds. Setting up a mesh network or plugging in a wifi extender is also something to look at, especially if the slow speeds occur in particular areas of the house.

Difference between Wifi Extender and Mesh Units

A wifi extender connects to your existing Wi-Fi network, amplifies the signal and then transmits it again under a new network name. This means that you have to connect and disconnect between different networks to get the best signal. Mesh units all transit the same network name so that you can roam effortlessly between access points, where you placed them in your house. It also self-organises to keep your devices connected to the strongest signal that is broadcast as you move around the house. At Computer Mania we are passionate about the technical side of making lives comfortable and connected. Feel free to browse through our range of wi-extenders, mesh hubs and wif-fi routers that you can buy from the comfort of your home.
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