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Product Review: The CM Virgo 15.6" Notebook Backpack

Product Review: The CM Virgo 15.6" Notebook Backpack

Looking for a reliable, protective companion for your laptop? The Computer Mania Virgo 15.6” notebook backpack might just be the perfect fit for frequent travellers and daily commuters. Let’s check it out.


In today’s saturated market of laptop backpacks, ranging from luxurious options from Thule to budget-friendly alternatives from Belkin, the CM (Computer Mania) Virgo stands out with its blend of affordability and quality.


Key features

  • Spacious 15.6” laptop compartment
  • Convenient USB charging port (power bank required)
  • Multiple front storage compartments
  • Mesh side pockets for added storage
  • Trolley strap for easy attachment to suitcases
  • Chest strap for enhanced support
  • Reflective logo for visibility


Who is it for?

Designed for practical laptop users prioritising functionality over fashion, the CM Virgo offers a decent-quality solution at an affordable price point.



While setting up a laptop bag may seem straightforward, the CM Virgo requires a couple of steps. Firstly, the external USB port streamlines gadget charging, although you’ll need to provide your own power bank. Additionally, adjusting the straps for optimal comfort and posture is crucial for prolonged use.


Usage tips

To maximise comfort and security, avoid carrying the backpack over one shoulder and instead use the chest strap for stability. This not only reduces muscle strain but also deters theft attempts.



Notable features include ventilated fabric for enhanced comfort, stylish zipper pulls adorned with the CM logo, and a sleek cobalt grey exterior. The bag’s generous volume and practical mesh side pockets further add to its appeal.


Room for improvement

While the shoulder straps adequately distribute weight, additional cushioning would enhance comfort, especially for heavier loads. Moreover, the lack of an impact-absorbing base may necessitate additional padding to protect your laptop from shocks when you forget to put it down with the care your equipment deserves! Consider this CM 15.6” notebook sleeve for extra protection if you are prone to manhandling your laptop bag.



In summary, the CM Virgo notebook backpack prioritises functionality without compromising comfort or style. Its affordability and practicality make it a worthy investment for everyday use.


For those interested, the CM Virgo laptop bag is available at Computer Mania for R599.


A longer version of this article was originally posted on The Box Cutter. It is republished here with permission.

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