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Tablet Buying Guide_

Tablet Buying Guide_

Lightweight, compact, and portable, tablets provide easy access to information and communication. More and more business people on the move are adopting them and they are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms as an educational tool.

There are many options available. The quick guide below will help you navigate some of the key features to consider to select the right one to match what you need the tablet to do.

Tablet Operating Systems

  • Android: Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire

     Google's Android operating system offers an ever-improving interface with many customisation options to personalise the look and feel of your tablet. It comes with a large suite of services from Google including Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, Chrome Browser, Google Drive, and more. You'll find a wide range of tablet-enabled apps, music, books, and movies in the Google Play store. Android allows multiple user log-ins.

  • Windows

Windows OS-based tablets follow the format of familiar Windows-based operating systems found on your computer. Many offer versions of programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The Windows Store offers a wide array of apps, games, videos, movies, music, books, and popular Windows programs. Support is offered for multiple user accounts and parental controls.

  • Apple iOS

If you are an existing iPhone or Macbook user, you'll feel comfortable with Apple's iOS for iPad. It is easy to understand and offers smooth interactions and intuitive menus. It's linked with Apple's App Store with its huge selection of apps, music, books, services, and services like iTunes. IPads are more expensive and don’t allow much personalisation. They also lack support for multiple users and parental controls.

Screen Features

  • Size

There are a wide variety of sizes for tablets, from 7 inches all the way up to 13 inches. Larger screens (10"+) offer great views and better resolution for watching videos, viewing

web pages, playing games, and typing documents. Smaller 7" or 8" tablets offer more compact portability for the traveler.

  • Resolution

High-resolution screens allow you to see greater detail when viewing HD movies and playing graphic-intensive games. For entry-level tablets, at least 1280×800 pixels provide a decent experience. Tablets with 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) or higher resolution are much better.

Internal memory

If you plan to store a lot of movies and music on your tablet you'll want one with more internal memory. Alternatively, you can store your media files on the cloud and access them anytime via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Android and Windows tablets offer expandable storage via microSD card.

  • WiFi

With most tablets, you must be within a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to the Internet. Connected tablets allow you to also access the Internet using a cellular network

  • Tablet Accessories

A case will protect your tablet from damage and can also be used as a stand for comfortable viewing. Adding a keyboard will give you a laptop-type experience. Some attach to your tablet while others use Bluetooth so you can work wirelessly.

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Computer Mania stocks a wide selection of tablets. Our in-store technical specialists can answer all your questions and assist you in finding the best solution for your requirements.

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