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What To Consider Before Buying Earphones

What To Consider Before Buying Earphones

Today, there are several different types of earphones, with different colours, sizes, and even functions to choose from. With various things to consider before buying earphones, we thought it best to take you through the different options available to you. There are wireless options for those who prefer the seamless look and wired earphones for those who prefer this stability. Most earphones today are true wireless which means that the individual pieces are placed separately in each ear, without a wire connecting them. When you are choosing your earphones there are several aspects you need to consider. Think about how loud the earphones can go when listening to music or sounds, whether or not they fit your ears correctly, and what device you will be using them with. Colour and style will also play a part, but these should be looked at after you have looked at the technical specifications. Choosing the right pair for your needs can be tricky, especially if you are new to using earphones or want to change from the ones you already have. The two types of earphones are in-ear and on-ear, and most gamers prefer on-ear for their comfort levels. Below we give some helpful advice on what to consider before buying earphones.

What Do You Want?

The first step in choosing the right earphones is to know what you want from them. This will help you to make a decision when there are so many options to choose from. Is sound the most important aspect to you or are you more of a visual person? Having a lot of bass when listening to music might be important to you, or you might need ones that can play high notes without sounding tinny.

Sound Sensitivity

Another important aspect to consider is the sound sensitivity level that you want from your headphones. This refers to how loud the earphones can go, and can provide a better sound experience either way. Sound sensitivity can be seen as how electric signals are changed into acoustic signals and is measured in sound pressure level (SPL). Opt for earphones with a mid-level sensitivity range so that you do not experience any pain in your eardrums.

Don’t Forget Devices

An important factor in deciding on earphones is to think about the device you will be using them on. If you have a specific brand of device, you will likely need to choose from the same brand or one that can be sued for that brand. For those who might be using earphones for mobile devices as well as laptops, you will need to look at the connectivity to see if they are compatible. Wireless earphones might be ideal here, as they need a Bluetooth or NFC connection and are not wired.

All About Eartips

One of the most important considerations for choosing earphones is ear tips. Silicone ear tips that are too small or that have an odd shape will not form a good seal in the ear, which can have an effect on comfort and sound quality. Make sure to look for ear tips that have a range of interchangeable options so that you can choose one which best fits your ears. The comfort of your ear tips is vital and can make or break how often you use your them. They will also keep your earphones inside your ear when you are moving around or running while listening to music.

Consider Controls

Many modern earphones have controls on them that allow you to easily change the volume, skip a track, and answer a phone call. If you will be using your earphones with a mobile device, these controls can be very helpful and can make your life easier and more efficient. Be sure to choose responsive controls so you do not have to worry about missing a call or not being able to skip or turn up the volume on a song. If you prefer simpler options, look for earphones without these controls.

All About The Audio

Earphones are a staple for modern life, especially for those who enjoy listening to music on the go, but it can be difficult to choose the right ones for your needs. Think about what you want from your earphones and what level of sound sensitivity is ideal for you, then consider the device you will be using them with. The ear tips will help to make it fit comfortably and having controls makes for an easier listening experience. If you would like to invest in a new pair of earphones, speak to Computer Mania today to find out what we can offer you.
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