ASUS GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16G ROG Strix OC Edition

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The ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super brings a whole new meaning to going with the flow. Inside and out, every element of the card gives the monstrous GPU headroom to breathe freely and achieve ultimate performance. The unleashed reign of the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture is here. A Die-cast frame, shroud, and backplate combo maximize heat dissipation and prevent PCB flex. On Top, flourishes of Aura RGB give ample options for personalization through color and a range of lighting effects. Redesigned Axial-tech fans propel more air through a larger heatsink that spans most of the card’s 3.15-slot footprint to efficiently cool the GPU. Digital power control, an array of low RDS-on power stages, and a lineup of 15K caps ensure massive reserves to reliably drive performance. Hardware and software come together to let you fully customize your experience and get the most out of your graphics card. GPU Tweak III allows for hardware tweaking and monitoring, and QuantumCloud utilizes your spare GPU computing power to generate passive income.

Base Clock: 2340 MHz
Boost Clock: Up to 2670 MHz
OC Mode Boost Clock: Up to 2700 MHz
CUDA Cores: 8448 Cores
3rd Gen Ray Tracing Cores
4th Gen Tensor Cores
NVIDIA RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing Technology
Video Memory: 16GB GDDR6X
Memory Clock: 21Gbps
Memory Bus Width: 256-bit
3x DisplayPort 1.4a, 2x HDMI 2.1a Ports
Multi-Display Capability: 4x Displays
Maximum Digital Resolution: Up to 7680x4320
ASUS AURA RGB Sync Software
ASUS GPU Tweak III Utility

Powered by NVIDIA DLSS3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and full ray tracing.
4th Generation Tensor Cores: Up to 4x performance with DLSS 3 vs. brute-force rendering
3rd Generation RT Cores: Up to 2X ray tracing performance
Axial-tech fans scaled up for 31% more airflow
3.15-slot design: massive fin array optimized for airflow from the three Axial-tech fans
Diecast shroud, frame, and backplate add rigidity and are vented to further maximize airflow and heat dissipation
Digital power control with high-current power stages and 15K capacitors to fuel maximum performance
Auto-Extreme precision automated manufacturing for higher reliability