ASUS USB-AX56 Dual Band AX1800 USB WiFi Adapter

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The WiFi 6 standard delivers efficient connectivity that meets the demands of the growing number of connected personal and IoT devices. The USB-AX56 USB adapter gives your laptop or PC an instant plug-and-play upgrade to WiFi 6. With beamforming, your router can locate USB-AX56 in order to direct a stronger signal in the direction of your device. Beamforming improves signal strength and hence gives the device better range.

Instant upgrade to WiFi 6: Boost your PC to 802.11ax standard via USB with speeds up to 1800 Mbps.
Ultra-high efficiency: Enable faster transmission in high-density environments with OFDMA, MU-MIMO and BSS Coloring.
Amplified signal: External antenna and cradle ensures powerful WiFi signal.
Supports WPA3 security: For enhanced WiFi security and more robust authentication.
Plug-and-play: Easy to use with wide operating system support.