Cougar MX360 RGB Dual Blades of Lightning ARGB Mid Tower

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MX360 RGB features an attractive and awesome integration of ARGB lighting in the front panel with exclusive slashes of lightning. Mighty support for up to a 360mm radiator, a 315mm graphic card, and a 170mm CPU cooler deliver superior value for you.

Simple yet Stunning
MX360 RGB’s front panel combines fine metal and stunning ARGB LED strips illuminating. The minimalist design reveals extraordinary fascination. The 5V/3Pin ARGB connector is adaptable to any compatible motherboard for system-wide lighting synchronization. The styling decorative side vents bring powerful cooling performance.

Top-notch Cooling
MX360 RGB’s compact layout allows you to install six fans, a 360mm water cooling radiator, and a 170mm CPU cooler. This immense cooling potential will enable you to choose components freely.

Great Support for Components
Its advanced support for up to 315mm-long graphics cards, which allows you to enjoy the latest games with smooth framerates.

Clean and Tidy Looks
Unlike most massive tempered glass panels, the full-length PSU shroud presents a distinctive view of divided design. The full-length PSU cover also allows you to hide the cables, improve the internal airflow, and showcase a clean build!