Cougar Poseidon Elite High Performance 240mm ARGB Liquid Cooler

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The Poseidon Elite ARGB AIO liquid cooler delivers high cooling performance. With unique 90-degree UTTERIGHT fins, high-efficiency fans, and brilliant ARGB lighting in an infinity mirror design, your system will run and look at its best. The heat transfer surface is built with UTTERIGHT fins contoured at a right angles. This design maximizes the heat transfer area and increases heat transfer efficiency when compared to common fins.
Brilliant ARGB Lighting with Infinity Mirror Design
The infinity mirror design of the ARGB lighting on the pump head elevates the aesthetics of your PC, turning it into an incredible display-worthy work of art.

Rotatable Pump Head For Logo Orientation
The rotatable pump head is designed for logo re-orientation. Effortlessly adjust it as you build the PC to keep your setup perfect.

High-efficiency Fan for Radiator
Poseidon Elite ARGB is equipped with powerful ventilation ARGB fans which effectively synergize with the radiator. With high performance benchmarks, it cools your CPU temperature with exceptional stability and durability.

Control Fans & Lighting with Motherboard Sync Software
The Poseidon Elite ARGB is able to control ARGB lighting with motherboard software. Experience the next level of system-wide control.

Freedom of Choice
Poseidon Elite ARGB cooler comes complete with all the mounting hardware you need for modern platforms, supporting the latest AMD and Intel CPU sockets. Installation is a matter of mere minutes!