Elgato Stream Deck +

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Keep the studio’s controls at your fingertips with this Elgato Stream Deck +. Utilize this customizable stream deck as an audio mixer, an editing and production console, and a studio controller, adding your own flare through icon packs, sound effects and more from the Stream Deck Store. Enjoy tactile and visual feedback from the touch strip, LCD keys, and dials as you game, produce, and create.

Use the fifteen one-touch tactile LCD keys instead of keyboard shortcuts for heightened control
Easy customization with easy drag and drop to place actions onto keys or make keys into folders
Create your own custom key icons with Key Creator software
Incorporate powerful audio mixing capabilities into your repertoire using effects, samples, and more, or level-up your on-screen presence by incorporating GIFs, videos, and images, or create your own intro and outro graphics and music
Streamline your setup by integrating your media, audio sources, and scenes into your stream
Set up smart profiles and multi-action sequences, automatically changing interface configurations between apps
Compatible with PC (Windows 10 64-bit or newer), and Mac (macOS 10.13 or newer)
Connects with an integrated 150cm-long USB 2.0 cable
Use with plugins including Elgato Wave Link, Control Center, OBS, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Camera Hub, Spotify, and Philips Hue, as well as thousands of sound effects, royalty-free tracks, updates, and more downloaded from the Stream Deck App and Store