Elgato Wave XLR – Mic interface, XLR/USB-C, anti-clipping, 75 dB preamp, phantom power, direct monitor, touch mute, Wave Link digital mixing app

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Wave XLR does the work of multiple devices and packs features you won‘t find in conventional audio interfaces. Like proprietary Clipguard anti-distortion technology, a capacitive mute button, and integration with custom Wave Link mixing software. With up to 75 dB of ultra-low-noise gain, even notoriously insensitive dynamic mics sound loud and clear. 48 volts of phantom power bring condenser mics to life, and two switchable low-cut filters let you remove low frequencies for close and distant mic positions. You can even swap out the faceplate and control dial. Wave XLR — a compact USB interface that gives your mic superpowers.

Premium XLR to USB-C connection
Use the Wave Link app to mix Wave XLR with multiple audio sources, plus create two independent mixes
Proprietary Clipguard technology prevents microphone distortion
Up to 75 dB of ultra-low-noise gain amplifies insensitive mics
48 V phantom power drives condenser microphones
Dual selectable filters remove low frequencies
High-power 3.5 mm headphone jack for clear zero-latency monitoring
Capacitive mute button silences your mic feed upon the lightest touch
Multifunctional control dial for mic gain, headphone volume, and mic / PC mix
Faceplate and control dial can be swapped for different designs"

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Dynamic Range: 100 dB (120 dB Clipguard engaged)
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): -130 dBV @ 60 dB gain
Gain Range: 0 - 75 dB
Phantom Power: 48 VDC, 7mA
Maximum Input Level: 10 V @ 0 dB gain (Clipguard engaged)
Maximum Output Level: 77 mW
Resolution: 24-bit
Sample Rate: 48 / 96 kHz
Interface: USB-C

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