Grizzly Aeronaut 1g TG-A-001-RS Thermal Compound

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Aeronaut thermal grease is the ideal beginner's product with high effectiveness. Great surface protection, as well as good heat transfer capabilites make Aeronaut the ideal choice for users who want to optimize their cooling solution in an effective way, or maybe want to use an alternative to the thermal grease included with their hardware, with a remarkable cost effectiveness to boot.

Very good thermal conductivity
Long-term durability
No curing
No electrical conductivityConvenient 1 gram syringe, making this thermal paste very easy to apply
Delivers good heat transfer for entry-level and medium performance computer systems
Popular choice for mainstream computing and moderate gaming
Thermal conductivity 8.5 W/mk
Thermal resistance 0.0129 K/W

Customer Reviews

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Best quality

Not much needs to be said. It Thermal Grizzly, the best in the business when it comes to thermal paste. performs great and keeps temperatures down compared to other brands.

Busisiwe Mathe
Cooler than Cool

Repasted my cpu with this and I have seen a drop in temps by as much as 8 degrees celcius.It might not seem like much to some but to me it is a huge improvement