Playseat Trophy Racing Seat - Red

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Finally, it’s here — a racing seat that can properly fuel or even fast-track your obsession with racing at top speeds. Is the Playseat® Trophy the real deal? Well, we’ve developed it with input from the best pro drivers around. We even gathered an impressive crew of esport talent for feedback. If you can’t tell, we’ve poured blood, sweat and tears (minimal) into it for the best part of three decades. There’s no surprise really that this chair’s seen as a groundbreaking piece of engineering. Isn’t it time you actually felt like you’re actually IN the game winning and winning big? Meet the first ever product to feature our new extremely stable frameless structure where the seat naturally adapts to your body. We designed the Playseat® Trophy so racers of any age, shape and size will feel secure. You will feel the force feedback from the steering wheel If all goes to plan for you, this Trophy will give you thrill-a-second racing for an endless supply of seconds, minutes and hours.

Leadtime order – 5 to 7 days for delivery

Suitable for both children and adults
Very easy and quick assembly
Versatile, for fun, training or Esport and sim racing competitions
Adjustable seat height, backrest, seat hardness, bucket seat feeling, pedal plate, steering wheelbase
Recommended for Direct Drive wheels, like Logitech, Fanatec DD, Simucube, Simsteering, Feel VR, Bodnar, and more.
Recommended for Trueforce Direct Drive.
Durable construction with the best materials
Optional accessories available, i.e. for expandability with various shifters.
Compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market like the Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and many, many more. Some will fit with an additional Direct Drive bracket.

This is the first to feature Playseat’s frameless structure, while remaining extremely stable, the seat adapts naturally to the body of the user, so you get great comfort no matter your age or size. Feel all the true force feedback signals with the technology and real feel of bucket seats.

Quality and performance, breathable Playseat® ActiFit™ material means you can game for hours without getting hot, bothered and sweaty so you can game in comfort.

Made out of various steel alloys and space-grade aluminum details, the open cockpit design is durable and light improving the optimisation for Direct Drive wheelbases. Heel-and-toe techniques are easy with the freedom this design allows.

Fully customisable, with the Playseat Trophy you can adjust the seat height, hardness of the seat, bucket seat feel, pedal plate and steering wheelbase. So set the perfect racing position for your preferences, from children to adults.

Racing Seat only. No Racing Wheel or Pedals included

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