REDRAGON Dual USB 3 Fan RGB Gaming Notebook Stand with Dedicated Fan and Light Controller

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The Redragon GCP511 INGRID 17″ Laptop Cooler is a great way to keep your laptop cool during use. It features a vented base that allows air to pass through and an adjustable stand height to get the perfect viewing and typing angle. It also comes equipped with 3 illuminated RGB fans to help keep your laptop temperatures down. Its sturdy design is big enough to support up to 17″ laptop sizes while its adjustable stoppers on the front can cater for smaller size laptops to prevent them from slipping off the cooler. The raised height allows for more cool air to flow underneath the laptop to help keep it cool.

Keeps laptops cool
Triple Fan Cooling System
RGB Lighting
Vented Base
Adjustable Height Angle
Up to 17″ Laptop Support