Redragon Saturn Wired PC Gamepad

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SKU: J/SG807
Make collisions more realistic with the new Redragon SATURN Wired X/D-input PC Controller. Latest PC games uses X input as an API (which is not supported by most old model controllers). This controller is ready to work with any gaming windows such as 7/8/10. The Saturn ensures effective use of weapons in shooter game, making this PC controller the best high-speed controller money can buy. You will always make the right move in any gaming situation.

Two mini joysticks allow you to play more games, such as football simulators
Turbo mode ensures effective use of weapons in shooter games
Makes collisions more realistic (if the game supports vibration feedback of game controller)
USB 2.0 Interface
12 buttons
4 way D-Pad
Vibration: 2 built-in vibration motors
Cable length: 1,5m

Customer Reviews

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Onazo Luvela
Simply the best

I don't think there's a better affordable game pad. I've tried quite a few brands, none comes close to the redragon game pad.

Budget Controller

Good, cheap controller.

A good controller with wonky software

It feels a bit plasticky, but all the important buttons work and the analogue sticks allow a decent amount of precision, hardware wise it's a good buy for the cost. Inverted Y axis on the right stick is a bit odd though.Just be aware you'll need to configure it in Steam Big Picture before it will work in a lot of games, and because of the hybrid Directinput/Xinput aspect it will pick up as controller 2.