Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 4L

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Enjoy delicious low-fat food by using less oil and a smoke-free cooking experience with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L. It features an upgraded 4L basket with the capacity to cook enough food for 1–5 people daily, coupled with an exclusive grill to make more efficient use of your cooking space. Its sleek and modern design brings back everything you love about the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer with the addition of a three-layer heat-insulating transparent window for monitoring your cooking status in real time. This makes it much more convenient than having to open up the air fryer every time to check your food. The temperatures can be easily and accurately adjusted between 40°C and 200°C, but the Smart Air Fryer Pro can do more than just air fry your food at high temperatures. It can also ferment, defrost and bake fruits, vegetables and meat, making it very versatile. It can also integrate useful functions of various kitchen appliances such as an oven, fruit dryer, or yoghurt machine. The 1600W heating power enables rapid temperature increase and more balanced heat distribution inside the fryer, shortening the cooking time, and offering a faster, healthier, and more convenient lifestyle. Your food is also thoroughly fried through the 360° heated air circulation, providing delicious food with less grease and fat. Not only can cooking temperature and time be easily adjusted with one turn and one press, but you will also be reminded when it is time to shake food. It also offers 11 pre-set modes, one-click smart cooking and support for app custom display information. It will help you record the dishes that you like to eat. The over 100 smart recipes accessible through the Mi Home App make it easy for beginners to cook delicious food. The fryer also supports custom cooking modes, so that home cooks can adjust the settings as they see fit. Ask the voice assistant to turn the fryer on/off and enjoy a smarter way of cooking. Scheduled cooking gives you even more options during the day. Get your cooking done even if you’re busy. Simply put your food in the fryer in advance, and enjoy the hot delicious meal waiting for you when you come back from work at night.

Three-layer Heat Insulating Transparent Window
Upgraded Basket with Exclusive Grill
Mobile App Control
OLED Touch Screen
Adjustable Temps up to 200°C
Air Frying Mode
Baking Mode
Yoghurt Maker Mode
Dried Fruit Mode
Defrosting Mode
Sleek and Modern Design
Voice Control with Google Assistant
Rated Power: 1600W
Rated Volume: 4L
Temperature Range: 40 – 200° C