Xiaomi Window and Door Sensor 2

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Easily monitor and get alerts to any openings around your home with the Xiaomi Mi Door and Window Sensor 2. The Sensor 2 can connect to even more scenes with the 2-in-1 light and opening/closing sensor. Its magnetic induction sensor determines open or closed statuses. After connecting to a Bluetooth Gateway, you can easily view the device status from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. A new light sensor detects lighting and connects to more scenes. When the light sensor detects that ambient lighting is dim, the sensor connects with a smart light and initiates the night-time entry light scene. Instant alerts are sent whenever a door/window opens or closes unexpectedly, for greater peace of mind when a baby is on the move. The sensor attaches to anything that opens or closes, making it very versatile. You can also set alerts for unexpected openings, or doors that have been left open for a certain time. Easily use the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to access automated event history. It can also connect to other smart devices in your home via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. For example, whenever your pet gate is opened, a smart camera can automatically record the event, upload it to the cloud and send an alert to your smartphone. The Mi Door and Window Sensor 2 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can view its status. It also connects to products with built-in Bluetooth gateway functionality so you can remotely view status, receive opening and closing alerts and link to other smart products. The Xiaomi Mi Door and Window Sensor 2 features a compact and lightweight body, which can strongly adhere to anything that opens or closes in the home. This allows you to turn traditional installations into smart home devices with ease.

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Event History
Synchronised Smartphone Notifications
Left Open Alert
Now with a Light Sensor
Best used in conjunction with the Xiaomi Smart Home hub 2
Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.1 BLE
Battery type: CR2032 (installed)