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Build Your Own PC_

Build Your Own PC_

Why not build your own?

If you can’t find a computer that suits your specific requirements, why not design your own? By researching each individual component's capabilities and limitations, you can select those that give you the optimal performance for your exact needs. If these requirements change in the future, you can easily pull out and replace individual components giving you flexibility and control.

What should you look into when building a Gaming PC?

The most essential parts of the computer are the CPU, motherboard, memory (RAM), power supply, and hard drive (or SSD). These are housed in a computer case. If you interest is gaming, then you’ll definitely want to look into high-end graphics cards. It is always good to invest in a large amount of memory to keep your machine running smoothly, especially when multi-tasking. An external hard drive is a convenient way to add storage to your system without having to open the computer case, and allows you to take your data wherever you go.

Computer Mania specialises in building custom Gaming PCs

Computer Mania specialises in custom building computers, offering a full selection of components. Search through our range, add your selection to your shopping basket, and choose whether you want to collect them from your nearest store or have them delivered to you. If you need advice, come speak to our in store technical specialists. They will give support you need to help you tailor make your own system. Computer Mania specialises in building Gaming PCs to your every specification. Our in-store technical specialists can answer all your questions and assist you to find the best solution for your requirements.
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