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Buying Guidelines Chapter 2 – Find the Best Desktop Computer

Buying Guidelines Chapter 2 – Find the Best Desktop Computer

Desktop Computers

Many people have moved away from desktops in the past decade. However, they still may be useful for many consumers. Typically, high-end desktops offer more performance for the money than laptops and are far less expensive to repair. They may allow for a more ergonomically correct work environment. In today’s age, deciding on what computer to purchase is becoming more confusing as the boundaries between categories blur. For example, the later desktops are just as small as laptops. Let’s unpack the types of desktops.

Full-Size Desktop

Though they require a lot of room under or on top of your desk, full-sized desktops are the least expensive and the easiest to upgrade and repair.

Compact Desktop

At less than half the size of full-sized desktops, compact or slim desktops are ideal if you lack space under your desk or if you plan to put the computer on your desk.

All-in-One Desktop

All-in-ones, are desktop computers which incorporate the computer and monitor in one case. The tightly packed components behind and underneath the display make them difficult to repair or upgrade. Meant to be space-savers, they're also designed to look less stodgy than traditional computers. You'll pay a premium for these models.

Gaming Desktop

Let’s call a spade a spade, here there is no limit, right? For the best gaming experience, you need to have it all, sophisticated graphics cards, multiple hard drives, loads of RAM with the finishing touch of LED lights & tempered glass side panels for bragging rights. Basically, pimp my ride, right? The computer cases are generally bigger to allow for bigger components, such as graphics cards, CPU Coolers and power supplies, which tend to be the expensive items, but all so worth it. We sincerely hope you found this article interesting. If you are looking for more information about our products or services or simply just need professional advice, contact Computer Mania today or head to one of our stores for more information. Computer Mania prides itself on being the #1 online computer store in South Africa. View our products online for the best deals in tech!
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