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Deciphering the Computer Specifications: Intel CPUs

Deciphering the Computer Specifications: Intel CPUs

Intels Different CPUs

It's no easy task to buy a computer if you are not tech-savvy. On the hardware front, there are enough numbers and models thrown around to leave you dizzy. Since there are only two real choices for the CPU brand in computers, we will take a quick peek at what options you have if you buy a desktop with the famous Intel CPU brand.

There are two main options to choose from when buying a computer with an Intel chipset, the generation, and the CPU model. The model numbers, i3, i5, i7 and i9, signify how powerful the CPU is, which is determined by the number of cores it has. In the old days, CPU's just had one core, and could only do one thing at a time. Today, CPU's can have up to 18 cores performing various tasks at the same time. Since the i3 is the least powerful model, it has the least number of cores, while the high-end i9 model has the most cores and processing power.

Intel release improvements in the designs, the technologies used and how the processor's work, in waves or generations. As a result, the latest generation of CPU's will have the most up to date technology and design. For example, a 10th generation i3 CPU will have the most updated CPU, while a 6th generation CPU will be slightly outdated.

Please keep in mind that this blog article tries to explain the difference between the different models and successive generations of Intel CPUs. If you need advice on choosing the right system for your specific needs, get in touch with us at Computer Mania.


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