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Perfect Gaming Setup – Ways to Impact Your Game

Perfect Gaming Setup – Ways to Impact Your Game

Are you setting your sites on becoming the next gaming millionaire? It’s never too late to start. You will need to practice patience and show determination by never giving up, but more importantly have the perfect gaming setup to take on the gaming giants out there. Give yourself the best possible opportunity by ensuring that your equipment and the environment is conducive to take on the best of the best.

 Purchase a Gaming Desktop

Your Gaming Desktop is probably the most important of all your purchases. For the more experienced gamer looking to purchase a high end, high-speed gaming desktop, it could cost anything between R30, 000 to R50, 000 and for the beginners, you can get away with R15, 000 to R20, 000. A major component to look out for when purchasing a gaming desktop is the central processing unit (CPU). Good quality processes range from either Intel Core or AMD’s.

 Keyboard and Mouse Controllers

Good quality game controllers are an essential part of your gaming experience. A good quality keyboard and mouse set can cost you between R600 and R1000. Good game controllers are ergonomically designed to prepare you for a good gaming experience. Comfort and convenience should be what you look for in a keyboard and mouse set.

 Gaming Monitors

It is really worth buying a high-quality gaming monitor since this is what you will be looking at most of the time. Pretty obvious is the size of the monitor, the bigger the monitor the better the experience, but commonly overlooked is the resolution, so ensure you buy a monitor with full HD capability.

 Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets can be the difference between a good to great gaming experience. Having quality speakers is great till you are asked to turn down the sound. Having a quality gaming headset allows you to easily communicate with the players and give you an all-around great gaming experience. Usually, an item which is overlooked but highly advisable to set yourself up with a good headset.

 Secure Internet

Invest in a high-speed fibre internet connection to ensure that there is no lag between you and your opponents. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in the best possible equipment but you have a slow internet speed. Don’t be caught out by your opponents because of slow internet speed. Also, a very important consideration is to ensure how many devices are connected to the internet when enjoying your game.

 A Comfortable Desk and Chair

Considering the number of hours you spend behind your computer, well not just for gaming but could be for work, it imperative that your desk and chair are as comfortable as possible. Avoid lower back pains from bad posture and invest in a good chair and desk. The height of the desk is just as important when setting up your environment.

For the ultimate gaming setup, view our gaming accessories or visit one of our stores to speak to one of our experts to assist you.

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