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The Importance of RAM

The Importance of RAM

Random-access memory or more commonly known to us users RAM, is probably the most important piece of hardware to be purchased and fitted into game consoles, smartphones, desktop computers and or laptops. RAM is responsible to make your navigation process a lot faster when accessing files and or playing games.

What is RAM?

RAM, typically used to store data and machine code, is a form of computer memory which allows data items to be read and written simultaneously. In brief, it is an extremely fast component that temporarily stores all the information a device needs right now or in the future.

What is DDR4 RAM?

Abbreviated, DDR4 RAM simply put is the double data rate, fourth generation which is able to achieve higher speed and efficiency thanks to increased transfer rates and decreased voltage. For gaming, the Corsair VENGEANCE® RGB PRO 8GB Single DDR4 RAM 3000MHz C15 is an extremely reliable piece of hardware which will most certainly provide you with enough speed to enjoy a great gaming experience.

Why you should consider adding more RAM.

Technology is constantly evolving and so are the moving parts which make up a Personal Computer or a Laptop. With this in mind, everything you do on a PC or Laptop relies heavily on the amount of RAM you have. Little things like moving your cursor, to opening up multiple applications and navigating from one to the other require the usage of RAM. What users forget is the application running in the background which you don’t even have open, applications such as your security software or the system updates, all of this has a major impact on your RAM processing speed. To put it simply, the more things you’re doing on your computer, the more gigabytes (GB) of RAM you need and this is why it will never be a bad idea to have too much RAM. If you are looking for RAM or would like to upgrade your current one, contact Computer Mania today or head to one of our stores for more information.
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