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The Risks of Windows 10 Cracked Keys

The Risks of Windows 10 Cracked Keys

A Compromised Windows System

If you are using a cracked or unlicensed version of windows, you should seriously consider activating it or even performing a clean install. Not only will you have a better experience using your computer, but it will also be much safer. Most South Africans know that it’s illegal to use pirated software. If you are not a business user, the chances that you will be caught are slim. Most of us will jump at the chance to save a few thousand Rand while sticking it to the man. However, there are just too many pitfalls when using an unlicensed or cracked version of Windows. Most of the cracked keys that are touted online just don't work, while the sites hosting them are full of malware and ads. They are just after your personal information. You also run the risk of being scammed if you pay upfront from shady dealers who claim they have a spare key. People who distribute prorated software can also tamper with the source code of the software. They can add fishy background scripts without changing the part of the software that you interact with. For example, it can record your information such as your address, banking details and account passwords and send that to the crack distributor. Your computer might even be used to mine cryptocurrency without you ever finding out. If you fail to activate the licence or use a cracked version of windows, you also miss out on important features and security updates. There are more reasons to buy Microsoft software, especially such important software as your computer's operating system, only from an authorised Microsoft authorised dealer. If you are ready to go legit or just want to stay that way, you can buy a Microsoft Windows 10 professional or home license in our online store. Computer Mania stocks a wide selection of system software. Our in-store technical specialists can answer all your questions and assist you in finding the best solution for your requirements. Get in touch with Computer Mania today for more information!
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