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Your Gaming PC - Keep it cool and make it last

Your Gaming PC - Keep it cool and make it last

Tips for keeping it cool & running fast!

If your computer CPU or GPU exceeds its ideal temperature range, it's performance will decline and eventually, it will suffer heat damage. Gaming rigs, in particular, can generate enough heat to melt components. What can you do to improve the cooling capacity of your gaming rig?

 PC Fans

Choose a good case fan that strikes a balance between power and silence. A case in point is the MSI MAG CoreLiquid 360R, a good value for the money cooler that will allow you to run your favourite games at max settings without burning out your CPU.

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 Gaming Chasis

Your gaming chassis plays a decisive role in cooling your rig. The Cougar MX410 Mesh-G RGB Gaming Case is optimized for improved cooling performance. A full-length mesh panel is incorporated in the high airflow design to allow unrestricted airflow from the front. It also supports up to six 120mm fans and a water-cooling radiator of up to 240mm.

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 Power Supply Units

The PSU of your build is another component that needs protection from overheating. Efficient power supplies draw less power and consequently produce less heat. The ASUS ROG Strix 750W Gold Power Supply sports an 80Plus Gold Certification, making it compatible with the most powerful gaming builds.

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Don't forget to give your computer a quick clean and clear the dust filters now and then. Dust that builds up over time acts as a heat insulator and reduce performance.

If you are busy building or planning a gaming rig right now, don't hesitate to give us a call for expert advice and product recommendations.


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